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Social and Citizenship Education in a Disrupted World: empowering young people for these times


Young people in Australia continue to be confronted by multiple tensions and concerns in this disrupted world. These include the impact of the pandemic, global inequity, technological change and ongoing racial tensions, as well as the critical need to consider Indigenous perspectives, threats to democracy and climate change. These issues are impacting on students’ lives now and will affect their futures.

The SCEAA 2021 Conference will explore how Social and Citizenship educators can empower young people to understand the issues of these times, voice their opinions around issues affecting their own and others’ lives, and be active and informed members of their schools and communities.

Papers and workshop abstract submissions are invited on the following themes:

  • Implementing social, civics and citizenship education, both in and beyond schools, to enable youth voice and agency in these disrupted times.
  • Sharing teaching and learning approaches that involve young people and promote understanding of contemporary issues in engaging ways.
  • Learning from young people who are participatory citizens in schools and communities.
  • Addressing the challenges and opportunities for civics and citizenship education in schools and the wider education community.

Keynote Speakers


Dr Kelly-Ann Allen, Department of Educational Psychology and Inclusive Education, Data Futures Institute, Monash University

Dr Bert Magyar, Centre for Youth Policy and Education Practice, Monash University 

Prof. Andrew Peterson, University of Birmingham 

Katrina Sedgwick OAM, Director & CEO of ACMI

Adam Brodie-McKenzie, Learning Specialist in Student Agency at the University High School, Executive of Social Education Victoria

Laura Newman, Executive Officer of Social Education Victoria

Prof. Lucas Walsh, Centre for Youth Policy and Education Practice, Monash University 

Prof. Joel Westheimer, University of Ottawa, Canada

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Organising Committee

Who should attend?

SCEAA 2021 may be of interest to:

  • teachers
  • academics
  • teacher educators
  • pre-service teachers
  • Non-Government Organsations
  • education providers working in social, civics and citizenship education

Why you should attend?

Attend SCEAA 2021 and you will:

  • HEAR keynote speeches related to the conference themes;
  • LEARN through paper presentations and interactive workshops offered by the conference participants;
  • FIND OUT students’ views about youth empowerment and the issues of these times;
  • PRESENT your research findings and teaching and learning ideas to your peers;
  • GAIN new insights into social and citizenship education and youth voice and agency through the expertise of the Canberra based cultural organisation education officers;
  • CONNECT with colleagues and students from across Australia, universities, schools, NGOs, and education systems;
  • DISCUSS your work, troubleshoot your problems and brainstorm your ideas with others;
  • BUILD relationships and find potential opportunities for collaboration;
  • DISCOVER new resources, teaching and learning ideas

How will SCEAA 2021 be held?

SCEAA 2021 will be an immersive virtual event. 

The SCEAA conference is held in collaboration with the Koorie Heritage Trust

The SCEAA conference is held in partnership with the Australian Centre for the Moving Image

The SCEAA conference is presented with support from the Parliament of Victoria

Gold Sponsor

The SCEAA conference is presented in partnership with Social Education Victoria